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Values in action

A clearly defined set of values is a good point of departure when it comes to doing business. But when these values are to be put into practice, management systems are needed to provide more concrete guidance and ensure that the values are lived on an everyday basis.

Novozymes' management system defines the way in which the business is run. It provides the link between our values – The Novozymes Touch – and our everyday business activities around the world, and helps to bring all the various parts of the business together despite large geographical distances, and create a bridge between cultural differences and diverse business areas.

When it comes to the Executive Management and the Board of Directors, a set of procedures for corporate governance has been established as a framework for their management of the business. Read more about this in the Report of the Board of Directors and under Corporate governance at

Certified management system
The backbone of Novozymes' internal management system is a combined quality and environmental management system certified under ISO 9001 and 14001. Overall, the management system comprises The Novozymes Touch, Novozymes' six policies and related standards, and a series of strategies. The management system and the organisational structure are important elements of our business model, which aims to ensure continuous interaction with the outside world and so safeguard Novozymes' continued development.

The Novozymes Touch and our policies and standards constitute the relatively static part of the management system, while the strategies are dynamic. These strategies aim to ensure that, within the management system, Novozymes exploits business opportunities and lives up to the requirements and expectations of the market and society.

The management system is constantly evolving. For example in 2005 Novozymes implemented a new energy management standard  (DS 2403) as part of the effort to lower energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

The standard has been implemented in the first instance at the factories in Denmark. The experience gained will subsequently be applied at the other factories. Another current example is business integrity.

Business integrity
In 2004 Novozymes initiated work on creating a clear framework for business integrity, and a new management standard was introduced on May 1, 2005. These efforts reflect a desire to take a proactive approach to improving risk management and exploiting business opportunities as the documentation requirements of customers, investors, authorities and others are tightened.

The management standard for business integrity and a series of internal procedures describe the relevant responsibilities and processes. A new Committee on Business Integrity has been set up, together with systems for seeking guidance and anonymously reporting possible breaches of the principles.

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