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Transport and the environment

Data on transport is not included in the audited annual report because it does not cover all of Novozymes' transport activities.

Novozymes purchases transport services from transport providers in many different countries around the world. These services primarily involve transport of Novozymes' raw materials, products. Transport is by train, ship, truck and air. These calculations relate only to the transport of goods within Denmark and transport by truck and air to and from Denmark.  

Calculating the environmental impact of transport is extremely complex and requires close collaboration with the transport companies. The figures are based on information from Novozymes' major transport providers and calculations of average values for standard routes. Transport by truck is reported in accordance with common guidelines for the transport companies, while transport by air is reported in accordance with guidelines developed in conjunction with Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS).

The data is not complete. Approximately 90% of Novozymes' total transport of enzymes by truck from sites in Denmark is covered. In 2005 the data for transport by air covered approximately 97% of the total volume of transport by air, compared with 43% in 2004.



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