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Novozymes' use of the GRI indicators

This report has been drawn up in accordance with the GRI 2002 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines. It provides a balanced and reasonable description of the social, environmental and financial performance of our business. GRI data is audited, but the overview itself is not.

Novozymes' reporting in accordance with GRI means that we report on our vision and strategy, on our profile and on our governance structure and management systems in accordance with the GRI guidelines; that we use a GRI index and that we cover all of the GRI key indicators either by reporting on the indicator or by explaining why we do not report on it. The report also complies with the GRI's reporting principles.

Steen Riisgaard, President and CEO

Key to symbols

Novozymes is in full compliance with the detailed specifications for the indicator  


Novozymes covers some aspects of the indicator

Novozymes does not report on the indicator  


The indicator is not relevant to Novozymes  


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