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New enzyme from partnership

The partnership between Chr. Hansen and Novozymes launched its first product in 2005. With YieldMAX™ PL, cheese producers can now increase yields of mozzarella and other pizza cheeses by approximately 2%.

The new enzyme, YieldMAX™ PL, is the first product to result from the strategic alliance formed by Chr. Hansen and Novozymes in 2002 in a bid to accelerate the development and sale of new enzymes for the dairy industry.

YieldMAX™ PL has been developed specifically to increase yields in the production of mozzarella and other pizza cheeses. Sales of these types of cheese have grown in recent years, especially in the USA and Europe. Adding the enzyme during the production process enables dairies to increase the yield of cheese by approximately 2%. This results in better utilisation of both milk and production capacity.

Competition in the dairy industry is fierce, and minimising costs is a priority. An increase in yield of approximately 2% is a relatively substantial improvement – especially considering that the overall improvement in the utilisation of raw materials in cheese production has been approximately 1% in the last decade.

Pooled strengths
The partnership between Chr. Hansen and Novozymes builds on the complementary skills and strengths of the two companies.

Chr. Hansen, which is responsible for marketing and sales, is the leader in ingredients such as rennet and cultures for the dairy industry. Thanks to its detailed knowledge of the market and considerable technical expertise in dairy processes, Chr. Hansen can contribute valuable information on where R&D efforts should be concentrated in order to meet customers' needs, while Novozymes can contribute cutting-edge competence in research, development and production of enzymes. This makes it possible to tailor enzymes to very specific needs at dairies. Together the two companies can achieve better results than they could individually.

New enzymes in the pipeline
An active pipeline will ensure that the alliance results in more products. Besides more enzymes to raise yields, research is also ongoing in areas such as new enzymes which can improve the taste and structure of various dairy products.

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