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About The Novozymes Report 2005

The Novozymes Report 2005 presents the Group’s financial, environmental and social results for the past year. As in the previous three years, it is an integrated annual, environmental and social report.

This year, the report focuses in particular on value creation. It provides a general insight into how our products create value for customers and society and how knowledge and partnerships, as catalysts for innovation, form the basis for this value creation. Finally, there are more extensive articles on themes that were prominent in 2005.

Primarily an online report
The Novozymes Report 2005 is primarily an online report for the benefit of stakeholders wanting quick and easily accessible information. The aim is a more user-friendly, targeted report that links to other information at

As a supplement, we have prepared a 20-page colour abstract for those who only require a short presentation of Novozymes’ results in 2005.

Finally, we can offer a black-and-white printed version of the full report. This has been audited and can also be found online.

The printed reports can be obtained via or by contacting Novozymes directly.

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) has audited the report. Furthermore PwC has examined and assessed it on the basis of the AA1000 Assurance Standard.

The designation +§ Audited by PwC in the online report indicates that the given information has been audited. Information that has not been audited is primarily found under Other information in The Novozymes Report 2005 at This includes Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) indicators, our Communication on Progress with respect to the Global Compact, a report on transport and the environment, and data from Novozymes’ production sites.

Basis of the report
The Novozymes Report 2005 has been produced in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and the additional requirements of the Copenhagen Stock Exchange for submitting accounts.

The report responds among other things to the input that Novozymes receives from its dialogue with stakeholders such as employees, cooperation partners, customers, investors and NGOs.

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